Storhode Newfoundlands
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About Storhode Newfoundlands

Hyggelyg nursing her pups

"Storhode" is Norsk (Norwegian) for "Big Head", which was one of our nicknames for our first Newf, Nero Woof. He did have a lovely huge head! We had had several beloved big dogs previously, but this boy was a whole new order of DOG. So, when we finally were able to begin breeding Newf babies (11 years later), we wanted to honor our Best Boy. He left us just before our third Newf, T-Bar's Hyggelyg of Snee-oosh had our first litter of NINE in June of 1999, as pictured above.

I have bred ten more litters over the past 17 years. All the Moms are decendants of Hyggelyg, bred to carefully selected champion sires. I hope to continue to breed Newfs on a careful and selective basis, one or two litters a year. My goals are to produce puppies with excellent temperament, health and longevity.

Most puppies are sold on a limited registration, with a spay/neuter contract. However, in the event that a new owner feels that the pup is developing into an adult with breed or show potential, we can discuss the possibility of changing to a full registration to permit showing or breeding.

We live in a large log house which we built on five acres. The dogs are in and out of the house constantly, go for walks and runs in the nearby woods and swim in both fresh and salt water. The Newfs go more or less everywhere with us. Most days one of the dogs accompanies me to my psychology office where they are adored by my clients.

Storhode Newfoundlands has been breeding both Blacks and Landseers since 1999. Each dog is treated as an individual member of the family. This is what I look for in families interested in adopting one of my dogs: an unconditional lifelong committment to the dog as a family member. They need both indoor "family time" and outdoor exercise every day.

I welcome comments and questions.