Storhode Newfoundlands
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Storhode's Highland Donegal, WS42260104

10/3/12 -

Donegal was born on Oct. 3rd 2012 to Storhode's Torden Woof (see the "Mikado Litter" photos). Her sire was Champion Steamboat's Highland Piper.

Donegal is a vivacious, smart and loving Landseer. She is very beautiful and sound in both body and temperament. She moves well, is vigorous and healthy, and her mood is stable and upbeat. Her particular combination of independence with loyalty and humor is just what I like best.

Donegal has OFA excellent hips, has a heart clearance from a veterinary cardiologist, is cystinuria clear and has one elbow normal and the other grade 1 DJD. Donegal is also clear of Degenerative Myelopathy and Hyperuricosuria, by DNA testing. You can see her clearances and pedigree on the OFA website.

We are hoping for a litter in the spring of 2018.

Donegal at 3 months

Looking back when called

Wet Donegal climbing up from Dike Beach

Donegal on the dike

By summer flowers