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Storhode's Ninotchka (WS05796502) "Ninotchka"

9/18/03 - 6/14/2012

Storhode's Ninotchka was born on 9/18/03, daughter of Storhode's Denali (WP91986801) and Ch. Berrypoint's Major Maxwell (WP93827901).

Ninotchka was a bundle of love and mischief. She was effervescent and energetic, but not at all dominant or competitive. The puppy silliness gave way to her profoundly loving nature. She proved to be an exceptionally devoted mother.

Click here to see Ninotchka's pedigree.

"The Landseer Litter"

Ninotchka and Champion Blackstone's Great Paint "Grady", a litter of 6 Landseers was born on 4/24/09.

"The Berry Litter"

Storhode's Ninotchka and Champion Kloofbear's Legend of Troy had 7 black, Landseer recessive puppies on 9/10/08 - two boys and five girls.

More pictures:

Ninotchka next to whelping box, awaiting puppies

Ninotchka watching over penned Berries

Ninotchka with five Berries

Ninotchka with Tayberry, Loganberry, and Huckleberry

Half of the berries nursing
From L to R: Gooseberry, Cranberry, Loganberry, and Lingonberry nursing.

Ninotchka loves her berries
Ninotchka loves her berries!

Puppy pile
Puppy pile