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Storhode's Sweet Cranberry Kloofbear, "Greta" WS28098002

9/10/08 -

Storhode's Sweet Cranberry Kloofbear is called "Greta". She is Ninotchka's daughter from Ch. Kloofbear's Legend of Troy. She is Finbar's littermate and a half sister to Torden. Greta's puppy name was "Cranberry", and you can see puppy pictures of her among the Berry Litter. Greta is a beautiful girl with flowing movement. She lives most of the time nearby with her co-owner family, but she comes back to visit from time to time.

Greta is a sweet and loving girl. She lives with her co-owner family, which includes her half brother Otto (from my Landseer litter). Greta is Landseer recessive. She is OFA "Good" on her hips, with OFA normal elbows, is cardiologist cleared and is cystinuria clear by mode of inheritance.

Click here to see Greta's pedigree.

Greta was bred to Kiredor's Trading Paint, "Parker." They had three robust little females on 8/25/2011, two Landseers and one black.

Ear blowing in the wind

Racing at La Push

Greta with Otto piggyback

Greta, sit!

Greta after the romp

Greta at 6 months

Greta at 20 months

Greta at 20 months