Storhode Newfoundlands
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T-Bar's Hyggelyg of Snee-oosh (WP 74505903) "Hyggelyg"

11/24/96 - 11/17/08

Hyggelyg and Jennifer at the office
Hyggelyg at Work

"Hyggelyg" is Norsk for something like "cozy, cheerful, happy, glad, and just right." We learned this word from relatives near Oslo, and thought it suited this spirited and sweet puppy "just right." "Snee-oosh" is the name of the local beach where we take the dogs to swim, near La Conner, Washington.

Hyggelyg's mama was T-Bar's Orca of Chatanika, and her daddy was Ch. Steamboat's Highland Piper, ("Bobby") a wonderful Newf who won "Best of Breed" at the Westminister in 1997.

Our first litter was born 6/5/1999. Hyggelyg was bred to Ch. Bacchanal's Gamay Beaujolais (WP72818302). They produced nine gorgeous babies: five Landseers (3 boys, 2 girls) and four Blacks (2 boys, 2 girls). Three of these pups became fine breeding dams, contributing to the Storhode family.

Hyggelyg was a devoted mother who continued to supervise the raising of three generations. She was also my number ONE therapy dog (see photo at top of page).

Hyggelyg nursing her pups
Hyggelyg, proud mother of nine

Hyggelyg and Hufflepuff
Hufflepuff as a pup, with her grandmother and wet nurse, Hyggelyg

Hyggelyg visits Santa
Hyggelyg meets Santa

Hyggelyg's pups
Hyggelyg's puppies Rusalka and Marley